Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Harness energy from the sun with zero emissions

Solar Panel Systems

Solar panel systems are made up of multiple panels, with each generating around 350 Watts of energy in strong sunlight.

The panels create direct current (DC) electricity. Alternating current (AC) is the form of electricity we use every day, so an Inverter is installed as part of the system to convert DC to AC. The end result is electricity which can be used throughout your home or sold back to the grid.

  • Reduce your bills and carbon footprint
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Tax free when used domestically

return on investment


increase in home value


solar efficiency

Home automation heating controls on mobile next to freestanding bath
Home automation heating controls on mobile next to freestanding bath

Solar & Battery Storage

It's always worth considering if storing the renewable energy you create will cost in and deliver additional benefits when investing in solar. It’s not always the right solution, but can help your system pay for itself faster and brings you one step closer to becoming energy independent.

Is solar suitable for me?

For roof installations, a South facing roof is ideal, East or West facing can be considered, but North facing is not recommended. How much space you need will depend on how much electricity you want to generate.

Having a battery or batteries installed as part of the system will give you the option of storing surplus electricity as opposed to selling it back to the grid.

Most of the time, you don't need planning permission to install solar panels, but there are exceptions. We can help you to check viability with the relevant authorities.

Get in touch today and we'll discuss your goals and needs. We always offer impartial advice and if we do not feel Solar is right for you, we'll suggest an alternative, even if it's not a product we install.

AURA as an MCS Certified Business

An MCS certificate is proof that your installation has been designed, installed & commissioned to the highest standard using MCS approved products. Even if you don’t use AURA, ensure your installer is certified.

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