Home Automation

Efficiently enhancing life and comfort

Unified Ecosystem

With a unified ecosystem, communication of all your home's key functions are controled via a central Miniserver. This lays the foundation for a fully integrated, flexible and future-proofed Smart Home or commercial building.

Key Automations

  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Home Audio
  • Security

increase in home value


programmable routines


savings on utilities

Home automation heating controls on mobile next to freestanding bath
Home automation heating controls on mobile next to freestanding bath

Augemented Living

Home automation lets you take control of your energy consumption. For example, you can set lights to turn off after specified periods of no motion or set the thermostat to decrease when rooms are unoccupied.

Technology exists to enhance our living experience. With fully connected automation, you can take away the hassle of constantly managing individual systems and seamlessly move through your day.

Once installed, you can control everything via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Manage your lighting, heating, security and even your car charger, any time from any location.

Is home automation suitable for me?

When professionally installed and initialised, home automation can revolutionise the way you live and save money on enery bills. Considerations would be upfront cost, what can be automated and you'll need to assess your property's wiring to understand if any additional works are required.

Get in touch and we'll discuss your needs before suggesting the best solution for you. We always offer impartial advice and if we do not feel our home automation system is right for you, we'll suggest an alternative, even if it's not a product we install.

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