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The AURA of energy

We make renewable energy better. By understanding the areas renewables outperform conventional systems we can create an energy aura for your home. One that works seamlessly with the way you live, delivers savings and reduces your carbon footprint.

Our ValuesWe care deeply about the environment and the responsibility we have to help our clients live better and more sustainably.

Environment first
The solution we deliver should improve two environments. Our planet’s and our client's.

Passion for better
We are always looking for ways to improve our products, service and carbon reductions.

Creative engineering
We think differently. We innovate and are not afraid to suggest a better way.

Genuine people
Integrity is at the heart of what we do. Open and honest communication and accountability.

 Our Process

Every site is different and objectives are sometimes at odds with initial designs. Our four-step CADD process ensures we build full understanding of project goals before we propose a solution.

CADD ExplainedConsult
We begin every engagement with a consultation. This helps us understand where you are now, what’s already been agreed and what your desired output is.

Next, we carry out a full assessment of the site, plans and viability of the objectives stated. Ensuring that any required changes are discussed before a solution is propositioned.

The design phase is when we lock down a solution for you and map out the project plan. Working with you and required trades to agree on the most effective deployment.

Delivery planning begins as soon as a design is agreed. We work to ensure kit is delivered on time, onsite teams are informed and that final installation is as trouble free as possible.

Aura energy financial sustainability documents showing electricity usage and greenhouse gas emission etc

The Power of Change in your Hands

Now more than ever the onus is on us to take steps to secure a brighter future for the next generation. Residential properties are responsible for between 17-21% of energy-related carbon emissions globally and every new renewable installation counts.  We will help you calculate savings, and monitor your carbon offset. Help us add to the savings below.




KW Hours Stored




Trees Planted (Equivalent)

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The Team

Based in Oxfordshire our team is made up of passionate environmentalists and engineers. Founded by husband and wife Johnathan and Amy Gower in 2017 with a strict mantra to design renewable energy and home automation solutions that deliver value to the environment and their clients.






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Aura energy financial sustainability documents showing electricity usage and greenhouse gas emission etc

Financially sensible sustainability

Doing the right thing for the planet costs money. Renewable solutions come with increased capital outlay and require considered planning. We can help you deliver a Return On Investment (ROI) justified solution that leverages available grants, increases the value of your home, and in some cases pays for itself with money earned back from the grid.

Our Work

Our customers are at the heart of our business and our greatest asset.

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