The Warmth Beneath: Debunking the Myth of Hot Floors with Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating. Heating climat control thermostat with mat elecric heating system, ceramic tiles and cement layers. 3d illustration

Underfloor heating has gained popularity as an energy efficient and convenient heating solution. And one of the most consistent concerns is “will it burn my feet?” 

The short answer is “No”. But there’s also a “maybe”.

Underfloor heating has a rough temperature of 27°C. It should feel warm but if it burns, the system is malfunctioning.

Let’s debunk the myth that underfloor heating can burn your feet or make the ground uncomfortably hot. 

First let’s explore how underfloor heating systems maintain a safe and comfortable floor temperature, ensuring a cosy environment without compromising on safety.

How Underfloor Heating Works:

Underfloor heating systems consist of electric cables or water-based pipes installed beneath the floor. 

Controlled by a thermostat, these systems emit gentle heat that rises from the floor’s surface, warming the room from the bottom up.

The traditional radiators could easily get up to 35°C basically drying up the room and your nostrils.

Underfloor heating has two big advantages in this specific situation.

  1. Thermostatic Control:

Modern underfloor heating systems incorporate precise thermostats that allow you to set their desired floor temperature, ensuring comfort without overheating.

But does that mean that you could technically set the temperature to 35°C on the thermostat?

Not really. And here’s why.

  1. Safety Sensors and Settings:

When installing your underfloor heating system, you have to take into account the floor type and what material it’s made of.

It’s not recommended for the system to go over 27°C when it comes to wooden floors. But ceramic tiles can be heated up to 29°C.

And thanks to modern technology these underfloor heating systems include safety sensors that continuously monitor the floor temperature.

And if it approaches an unsafe level, the system adjusts automatically to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

But exactly how warm is “comfortable”?

Our bodies have a constant temperature of 36°C-37°C. When you touch another person you are basically feeling their temperature.

It’s warm but not hot, right?

That’s approximately how the underfloor heating systems feel. It runs at 10°C lower that the human body temperature making the floor comfortably warm to sit on.
But what if the sensation isn’t comfortable? It burns a bit and the temperature is above 27°C.

That means that there’s something technically wrong with your system and you need a professional to have a look at it.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your system, or just need to plan your yearly servicing, hit the button below and schedule your free consultation.

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